Meet the Locals
December 2006

Sheila Johnson - Bringing a Slice of Metro to International Falls

If you're looking for a great cup o'Joe when you're visiting the northland, you won't have to look any further than the Coffee Landing Metro in downtown International Falls for fresh-roasted coffee and unforgettable company
Sheila Johnson began North Woods Coffee Roasters in 1997 when she began roasting beans and serving coffee in Ranier, Minnesota with a Diedrich 30-lb. small-batch roaster and lessons from Ed Dunn, of Dunn Brothers Coffee, in Minneapolis, one of the top small roasters in the country. North Woods Coffee is served locally at the Coffee Landing Metro (opened 1998), Espresso Lane (opened 2006), as well as several resorts, restaurants, supermarkets and other retailers in northern Minnesota. North Woods Coffee is also available for sale, both retail and wholesale, on-line at

The Coffee Landing not only serves as a vehicle for Sheila to share her passion of roasting with locals and visitors, it has also become a local social and cultural hot-spot. From the walls being covered to showcase local artists, to hosting "open-mic" nights for poetry and song, Sheila can be found in the shop socializing with the patrons as she roasts her beans right in the storefront.

Sheila's passion is in roasting the beans, and the Coffee Landing Metro became a way for her to share her talents with those who enjoy a premium cup of coffee. Yet it's not only the coffee that brings in a crowd, Sheila also provides a showcase of pastries, sandwiches and other goodies that make the Coffee Landing a great spot to grab breakfast or lunch. Operating as a wireless hot-spot, the Coffee Landing serves-up a mix of business and play. Walking into the Coffee Landing, you may find anything from business meetings or social lunches to students working on projects or telecommuters checking email. You're guaranteed to always find a warm and inviting atmosphere, and Sheila, right in the middle of it all.

As much of a business-woman as a coffee connoisseur, Sheila was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the International Falls Area Chamber of Commerce in 2004. That same year, she also was presented with the Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Award in the Emerging Entrepreneur category. She was recognized as having the principal responsibility for growing a business and was honored for her demonstrated initiative, success and creativity in developing and growing the Coffee Landing Metro.

Even though the Coffee Landing is the only espresso/coffee shop in Koochiching County, it's Sheila's gregarious personality that brings the Coffee Landing to life. And once inside, you may forget you are in International Falls as you slip into our own slice of metro.

The next time you are in International Falls, be sure to stop by and say, "Hi" to Sheila. And don't forget to grab some North Woods Coffee - and you can bring home your own "little slice of the Falls."